Kathryn Clark – About Me


When I was very small, I could fly. I remember the feeling before take-off, like the start of a sneeze, but in my toes. I swooped up and around the hall of our tiny, terraced house and looked down at the swirls in the black and green carpet. I was flying. Or perhaps I was dreaming. Or perhaps it was a story I told myself.

Since those days, I’ve spent a lot of time learning the craft of writing and creating stories. I write fiction for children, teenagers and adults, and non-fiction for websites about all kinds of things. I also help other writers through my mentoring and reading services.

My background


BA(Hons) English Studies: 2:1 – Literature, Linguistics and Creative Writing

Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing

Masters in Writing for Young People: Distinction

I continue to develop my knowledge through workshops and courses, including recently, ‘The Ethics of Representation’, and ‘The Psychology of Character for Writers.’

Writing Credentials:

My short stories and flash fiction have been published online, in writing magazines and anthologies, after being placed or listed in competitions. Read an example.

My Young Adult Novel Things I learned While I Was Dead won the 2021 Arvon Novel Opening Competition and has been placed in several other writing contests.

I have a Masters in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University, an exceedingly practical qualification which is taught by published children’s and YA authors. My two years on the course gave me lots of experience of writing in different genres for a variety of age groups, as well as critical reading of published children’s fiction, editing, and giving and receiving feedback/critique. I was one of three co-editors of the 2016 course anthology Paper Worlds. Read the opening of my YA novel Lightning Ridge.¬†

Editing, mentoring and reading experience:

Working with my lecturers and fellow students during the MA was revelatory for me in developing my fiction, and this motivated me to help other authors-in-waiting by becoming a writing mentor.

I began as a voluntary mentor for #WriteMentor in 2018. Now, I regularly edit, critique, and proofread for YA, MG, and adult writers, from novices to traditionally published authors. I am a Spark Mentor with #WriteMentor¬†giving writers support and encouragement and helping them move their writing on to the next stage. I’m also a reader for the Write Mentor Children’s Novel Award, and Novel-in-Development Award, and a voluntary reader for Coram Voice Story Contest.

I work with writers on all types of genres and narrative styles.

Examples of the kinds of manuscripts I have been privileged to read, edit, and give feedback on include:

Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA) and Adult

Contemporary, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, magical, adventure, dystopian, detective, speculative, ghost, fairy, dual and multiple narratives, issue led, LQBTQ+, romance, funny, and all the things that overlap or fall between.

Short stories, flash fiction, memoir, and non-fiction pieces.

More details about my mentoring, editing, and reading services can be found here.

Publishing Industry Experience

During my MA in Writing for Young People, I learned a lot about the UK children’s publishing industry and met a number of agents and editors. I was one of a team of three editors for our cohort’s anthology of work, managing all elements of producing the book and organising its launch.

I signed with a literary agent in 2017 and we parted company amicably in 2019 due to a change in circumstance. (This is a fairly common experience nowadays.) I am practised in submitting to agents and competitions and helping other writers with their submissions.

I’m connected and keep up to date with the children’s literature world through the MA community, Write Mentor and Twitter. I’ve also had the privilege to work with a self-published author Ben Housden, so have some knowledge of what it takes to achieve success via this route too.

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