Mentoring with #WriteMentor

I work with the wonderful Stuart White and many other mentors to offer support to pre-agented writers.

#WriteMentor Spark

This programme is a paid for scheme that aims to give mentoring on a work in progress, alongside craft chats, industry expert interviews and discussions, and opportunities to pitch to agents. Most importantly, it encourages a community of writers who can form critique groups and support each other. There are several levels which can be paid for on a monthly basis. This scheme is particularly helpful for writers who’d like to build a writing support network. You don’t need to have a finished manuscript to be part of the programme.

#WriteMentor Summer Programme

I have previously mentored for the summer programme . This is free to any pre-agented writer of YA, MG or PB with a completed manuscript in English. In 2018, I mentored Lydia Massiah – you can read about our experience and the exciting things that have happened since here.